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Gallant is at the forefront of science, working every day to advance the field of stem cell banking. By partnering with Gallant, you can make regenerative medicine a part of your pup's wellness plan making every (dog) year count.

Dogs enter their senior years around 7 and begin feeling the effects of aging as early as 4!

Traditional methods of treatment for injury and age-related conditions are expensive and can have harmful side effects.

Stem cells are incredible natural healers. However, up to 99% of stem cells are lost over time due to aging.

1 in 4dogs suffer from itchy, irritated skin

80%of dogs over 8 years old endure joint pain & limited mobility

1 in 5dogs require eye drops multiple times a day

*as demonstrated in clinical studies

The Gallant solution

The spay/neuter is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to save your pups young, healthy stem cells for extraordinary health benefits in the future.

For over a decade, stem cells have helped improved the quality of life of dogs with osteoarthritis, skin conditions, chronic dry eye, and more.

This is a huge relief to ensure my puppy the best quality of life. Gallant stem cell collection is a direct line to incredible scientific progress and results if needed, and one less worry for me and my husband.

Banking Obi's stem cells with Gallant was so easy, Gallant and our Vet handled everything. We are so grateful to have the healing power of Obi's younger stem cells ready when he needs it.

With my last French Bulldog having had horrible arthritis, this was such an easy choice. The treatment costs are so much lower than what I was needing to spend in the past.

Explore our stem cell banking plans or chat with one of our pet-loving experts.

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