Anita Hassanandani is excited and dealing with a bunch of emotions as she awaits the arrival of her first child. She speaks about how she feels, how husband Rohit Reddy is being a wonderful support and more. The actress shares, Im in my last trimester so yes, the due date is soon. Im super excited, nervous, stressed, too many mixed emotions, but really excited and looking forward to the new phase in my life. Cant wait for the baby to pop. Rohit has been pampering me and reading up on taking care of the baby The actress recently has posted an adorable series of photos on Instagram which flaunt her baby bump and has dad-to-be Rohit, in the pictures. She says hes been prepping for the baby as well. Rohit is very excited as well. He has been reading a lot, hes figuring stuff out. Hes doing all the right things, pampering me, ordering food for me, she laughs, adding, More so, actually hes learning things online without me even bringing it up, like hes learning how to wrap the baby and what to do if the baby needs to burp, so hes doing his bit and I think hes going to be a great father. Rohit and me have also learnt about stem cell banking and have agreed to go ahead with it as it can take of the babys health in the future. Im glad were doing this for our child.

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Exclusive! Anita Hassanandani: Im super excited, cant wait for the baby to pop - Times of India

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