Stem cell banking is the process of collecting, processing and storing potentially life saving stem cells for future use in therapies and regenerative medicine.

With their ability to develop into many different types of blood and tissue cell, stem cells have the potential to regenerate and protect the body from within. In cases where a disease or condition affects cell tissue, stem cell therapies can be used to repair damaged tissue, repair organs & treat diseases.

Umbilical cord blood, cord tissue and dental tooth pulp are rich sources of these amazing cells. At present, cord blood stem cells can be used in therapies and transplants to treat over 85 diseases, including leukaemias, bone marrow cancer, lymphomas and anaemias. In addition, there are over 5,000 clinical trials that use stem cell therapies. You can view the list of current therapies here.

Stem cell banking offers the opportunity to have your precious cells cryogenically frozen for over 25 years, ready for future use should they be required. The processes involved are safe, non-invasive and risk free, and it is estimated that today 1 in 3 people will benefit from stem cell therapies at some point in life.


What Is Stem Cell Banking? | Future Health Biobank

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