How does stem cell storage work?

Saving babys stem cells could not be easier, and one day, they could change their life.

The day you bring your baby into the world will be one of the most special in your life, which is why we have designed our process to ensure that collecting their stem cells will never get in the way. Its quick, simple, non-invasive and completely safe, and you wont even need to change your birth plan. We will take care of everything from arranging your phlebotomist, to the processing, testing and longterm storage of the cells. You should get the results for your babys sample within a couple of days. To find out more about how the process on works, read our stem cell storage FAQs or get in touch on 01444 873950.

Our range of different services can suit any budgets and all kinds of requirements. We are committed to making sure that every parent can bank their babys umbilical cord stem cells if they want to, and prices start at just 1,495. You can explore our pricing options here or call us on 01444 873950.

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