Rockville, Md. (April 22, 2021)Top researchers in physiology will present a three-part series exploring cellular regulation of mitochondrial function, tissue repair and wound healing. The symposia are organized by American Physiological Society (APS) President Linda Samuelson, PhD, FAPS, FAAAS, of the University of Michigan. The APS Presidents Symposium Series will be part of the APS annual meeting at Experimental Biology 2021, which will be held on a virtual platform April 2730.

Function Symposium: Regulation of Physiological Function

Tuesday, April 27, 2 p.m. Virtual Session, Room APS-1

Chair:Ole H. Petersen, CBE, FRS, Cardiff University, U.K.


Functions of presynaptic voltage-gated calcium channels

Annette Dolphin, PhD, FRS, FmedSci, University College London, U.K.

Crosstalk between Ca2+ and cAMP signaling in mitochondria: where, when, why

Tullio Pozzan, MD, FRS, University of Padova, Italy

New perspectives on the physiological roles of KATP channels

Colin Nichols, PhD, FRS, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis

The P2X7 receptor is a key modulator of mitochondrial energy metabolism

Francesco Di Virgilio, MD, University of Ferrara, Italy

Adult Cell Plasticity and Tissue Rejuvenation

Wednesday, April 28, 2 p.m. Virtual Session, Room APS-1

Chair: Linda Samuelson, PhD, FAPS, FAAAS, University of Michigan


Switching cell fate to regenerate liver

Stacey S. Huppert, PhD, Cincinnati Childrens Hospital

Exercise rejuvenates aging stem cells

Thomas Rando, MD, PhD, Stanford University, Stanford, California

Cellular remodeling via paligenosis

Jason C. Mills, MD, PhD, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis

Cellular Cross-talk to Orchestrate Tissue Repair

Thursday, April 29, 2 p.m. Virtual Session, Room APS-1

Chairs: Linda Samuelson, PhD, FAPS, FAAAS, University of Michigan; Jason C. Mills, MD, PhD, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis


Immune mediators and wound healing

Asma Nusrat, MD, University of Michigan

Mesenchymal cells promote lung regeneration

Edward E. Morrisey, PhD, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Tissue stem cells: coping with stress

Elaine Fuchs, PhD, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, The Rockefeller University, New York

NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: To schedule an interview with a member of the research team, please contact the APS Communications Office or call 301.634.7314. Find more research highlights in the APS Newsroom.

About Experimental Biology 2021

Experimental Biology is the annual meeting of five societies that explores the latest research in physiology, anatomy, biochemistry and molecular biology, investigative pathology and pharmacology. With a mission to share the newest scientific concepts and research findings shaping clinical advances, the meeting offers an unparalleled opportunity for global exchange among scientists who represent dozens of scientific areas, from laboratory to translational to clinical research.

About the American Physiological Society

Physiology is a broad area of scientific inquiry that focuses on how molecules, cells, tissues and organs function in health and disease. The American Physiological Society connects a global, multidisciplinary community of more than 10,000 biomedical scientists and educators as part of its mission to advance scientific discovery, understand life and improve health. The Society drives collaboration and spotlights scientific discoveries through its 16 scholarly journals and programming that support researchers and educators in their work.

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