There are some wonderful treatments for conditions once untreatable, based on the use of stem cells. Leukemia is someties treated using stem cells, and there are other treatments for immune deficiencies. Stem cell research and treatments have carried much promised. But there has also been a lot of hype. In their book Flesh Made New - The Unnatural History and Broken Promise of Stem Cells physician and scientist John Rasko and writer historian Carl Power take us on a wild historical tour of this scandal-prone field. They expose the dirty little secrets that the hype merchants prefer to ignore - the blunders and setbacks, confusions and delusions, tricks and lies. Its a dose of reality as they tear down the hype and reveal what is really worth waiting for.

Book: Flesh Made New - The Unnatural History and Broken Promise of Stem Cellsby Carl Power and John Rasko, published by Harper Collins

GuestJohn RaskoHead of Gene and Stem Cell Therapy ProgramCentenary InstituteHead of the Department of Cell and Molecular TherapiesRoyal Prince Alfred HospitalSydney NSW

PresenterRobyn Williams

ProducerDavid Fisher

Excerpt from:

Stem cells - a mix of promise and hype - ABC News

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