Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) have propelled to the forefront as key resources for disease modelling, assay development, and drug discovery. Building banks of iPS cells that represent a wide range of individual genotypes and phenotypes creates a valuable resource for government researchers, academic institutions, biotech firms, and pharmaceutical companies. Large-scale stem cell banks assure that samples are developed with rigorously quality controlled processes, drastically reducing the costs and effort often associated with bank development, cell culturing and sourcing. FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics is uniquely positioned to deliver access to relevant iPSC-derived biological models by leveraging these capabilities:

We are actively engaged in a number of large-scale iPSC reprogramming and stem cell banking projects with the goal of creating broadly available collections of research lines that represent typical human diversity, various disease states, and adverse drug reactions. One major project, the CIRM Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Repository, was developed to make a set of thousands of donor-derived iPSCs across a range of diseases and relevant controls available for research use. Explore this collection

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