Research conducted at Adelphi University determined that a lipid enhanced CBD formulation is highly effective in binding to pain & neuroplasticity receptors.

CORAL GABLES, FL, UNITED STATES, August 19, 2021 / A newly published study concludes a unique formulation of neurotrophic anxiolytic phytochemicals, i.e., Cannabidiol (CBD), in food and dietary supplements promotes neuronal survival and neuroplasticity. The research study conducted at Adelphi University and supported by One Hemp Brands, LLC determined that a lipid enhanced CBD formulation is highly effective in binding to the pain and neuroplasticity receptors known as TRKA resulting in enhanced neurite outgrowth and neuronal cell survival. Recognizing the importance of neuronal cell viability, the study tested different CBD formulations to determine the general ability of CBD prepared in different ways to improve bioavailability for receptor binding, signaling, dimerization and spectrum of potential biological responses and benefits, including the possibility of nociceptive activity and enhanced stem cell survival and repair to damaged nerves.

The study is entitled Physiological and Cellular Targets of Neurotrophic Anxiolytic Phytochemicals in Food and Dietary Supplements" was published in Functional Foods and is the result of a collaboration between Benjamin S. Weeks, PhD; Samuel D. Weeks, MD; Amanda Kim; Landon Kessler and Pedro P. Perez, PhD. Click here to see the study.

The study modeled neuronal activities such as nerve formation, regeneration, repair, and survival, using Pc12 rat neuronal cells cultured in a serum-free condition. The cells were then either untreated or treated with nerve growth factor or various formulations of CBD over five days. The CBD used were One Hemp lipid enhanced (CBD1) and other commercial formulations of CBD, including CBD1 plus vitamin C (VitaCBD; CBD2), which outperformed all CBD preparations by enhancing CBD function.

THE STUDY RESULTS: All CBD preparations promoted neuronal survival and neurite outgrowth. However, when One Hemp CBD1 and CBD2 are compared for neurite outgrowth activity, as much as a 75% increase is seen compared to CBD3 and CBD4 (nano emulsion, and BioPerine CBD). Cannabidiol is known to act on TRKA receptors on PC12 cells as demonstrated by the ability of the tyrosine kinase inhibitor K252a to block N and CBD induced neurite outgrowth. In addition, TRKA signaling is associated with anti-inflammatory responses, and One Hemp signals through TRKA suggesting VitaCBD may have a greater anti-inflammatory potential. Data is statistically significant with 95% confidence.

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Launched in 2020, the company is based in Miami, FL and is engaged in extensive scientific research and development including testing various phytocannabinoids and their combinations. The ingredients are produced in a manufacturing facility utilizing a unique patent pending extraction technique which is developed to maximize formulation ensuring quality production of consistency and potency of the extracts. For more information, visit or email:

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