What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem Cell Therapy is the exciting and ever dynamic branch of medicine with the purpose of replacing, repairing, renewing or engineering human cells, tissues, organs or their building blocks, utilizing the bodys innate cellular pathways for the purposes of restoring function and homeostasis in the body. Regenerative and cellular biomedical therapies are powerful adjuncts to the natural healing mechanisms of the human body to reduce, relieve, or manage painful and certain chronic conditions and improve function.

The goal of both Stem Cell and Anti-Aging Medicine is to optimize both longevity and to enhance the quality of life. It is based on the premise that aging, in the traditional sense, as well as tissue degeneration and accompanying pain and inflammation, is a condition or state of disease rather than a natural progression of human longevity potential.

Stem Cell Therapy uses cutting-edge technology to help the body repair trauma, degeneration and the effects of aging and is strictly regulated by the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

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