When it comes to childbirth, you must have heard of cesarean section, natural childbirth and water birth. But have you ever heard about lotus childbirth? Traces of lotus childbirth are found in historical times and are still prevalent in some areas of the world. Read to know what exactly is lotus childbirth, along with its pros and cons. What exactly is lotus childbirth? Lotus childbirth is basically leaving the umbilical cord attached to the baby. This keeps the baby tied to the placenta, until it falls off itself. The placenta is attached to the baby and the remaining portion of umbilical cord is tied in a knot. The detachment process can take anywhere between 3-8 days. This process is different from the common practice of childbirth, in which the umbilical cord is cut the moment the child is born.Pros of Lotus birthBlood circulationIt is said that keeping the umbilical attached to the baby for a few days post birth boosts his blood circulation. It is a more natural way of getting rid of the cord as well. Rise in hemoglobin levelsAll the red blood cells, iron and nutrients present in the placenta get transferred to the baby during lotus childbirth. Delayed cord clamping can help the babys body absorb the stem cells present inside the umbilical cord. Reduction of psychological shock to the babyChildbirth exposes the baby to the outside world. Keeping the cord attached to the baby makes him feel familiar even after coming out of the womb. It is believed that this process avoids trauma and shock. Cons of Lotus birthRisk of infections Umbilical cord basically becomes a dead organ after birth which starts rotting. It can not only be smelly but also increases the risk of infections. Proper cleaning from time to timeA newborns immune system is highly sensitive and a dead organ might become septic in no time. This is why proper sanitization is required multiple times a day to ensure that the placenta remains hygienic. Make sure you seek your gynacologists advice before opting for this method. Weigh the pros and cons, after which you can choose to adopt the method only under the guidance of a doctor.

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