Help Fill the Seats to save lives this February!

Canadian Blood Services is encouraging new and existing blood donors to help fill up to 6,690 appointments in Calgary and to consider making a Plasma or Stem cell donation. Currently, the need for plasma and stem cell donations is urgent.

Plasma is needed more than four times what is donated in Canada. It could take over 100 plasma donations to help treat one patient for a year. These donations go to patients who need transfusions, as well as to fractionators for manufacturing specialized medicines needed by Canadians with conditions such as bleeding disorders, burns and immunodeficiency. The winter season is typically a challenging time for blood and plasma collections due to winter hazards and weather impacts.

Stem Cell transplants can treat over 80 different diseases and disorders. Each year, hundreds of patients in Canada with cancers and blood diseases need a stem cell transplant to save their life many of whom are facing challenges finding a matching donor. A stem cell transplant replaces the patients unhealthy stem cells with a matching donors healthy stem cells. There are three sources of stem cells used in transplant:

Potential volunteer stem cell donors and expectant moms can also help save lives by donating cord blood.

Blood & Plasma donations are by appointment only. To book yours go to, right click on find a location, enter Eau Claire Market and choose Calgary permanent clinic. To learn more about Stem Cell transplants, join the stem cell registry at

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