FLORHAM PARK, N.J., April 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Celularity Inc. (Celularity), a clinical-stage biotechnology company, leading the next evolution in cellular medicine with the development of off-the-shelf allogeneic therapies derived from the postpartum human placenta, will display multiple presentations at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2021. The presentations include one poster highlighting early clinical data of CYNK-001 (unmodified natural killer (NK) cell therapy) in COVID-19, and the other showcasing integration of immune monitoring assays with measurement of minimal residual disease for hematological disease translational studies. Celularity will also deliver an oral presentation featuring preclinical studies of its genetically modified NK cell therapy, CYNK-101, under development for the treatment of HER2+ expressing gastric cancer. The AACR Annual Meeting will take place in a virtual format from April 10-15 and from May 17-21, 2021.

We believe the next generation of cellular therapies will be developed from harnessing the placentas unique biology and ready availability, said Robert J. Hariri, M.D., Ph.D., founder, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Celularity. The placenta offers inherent advantages to produce uniform, scalable and optimized cellular therapies with a broad potential application including cancer, immunologic, infectious and degenerative diseases. Having been the first to unlock the potential of allogeneic, post-partum placental stem cells, these data highlight the substantial progress we have made in advancing placental-derived stem cells into potentially transformative medicines for the patients who need these most. We remain dedicated to continuing our legacy as cellular therapy pioneers and unlocking the clinical potential of placental-derived stem cells to change the landscape of cellular medicine.

Details for the 2021 AACR presentations are as follows:

Title: Early report of a phase I/II study of human placental hematopoietic stem cell derived natural killer cells (CYNK-001) for the treatment of adults with COVID-19 (NCT04365101)Type: PosterDate: April 10, 2021Link: https://www.abstractsonline.com/pp8/#!/9325/presentation/4812

Title: Simultaneous monitoring of immune cell subsets and minimal residual disease in bone marrow aspirate using full-spectrum flow cytometryType: PosterDate: April 10, 2021Link: https://www.abstractsonline.com/pp8/#!/9325/presentation/1481

Title: Potent immunotherapy of human placental CD34+-derived natural killer cells with high affinity and cleavage resistant CD16 (CYNK-101) plus Trastuzumab for HER2+ gastric cancerType: Oral PresentationDate: April 12, 2021Link: https://www.abstractsonline.com/pp8/#!/9325/presentation/1123

About Celularity

Celularity, headquartered in Florham Park, N.J., is a clinical stage biotechnology company leading the next evolution in cellular medicine by developing off-the-shelf placenta-derived allogeneic cell therapies, including unmodified NK cells, genetically-modified NK cells, T cells engineered with a CAR (CAR T-cells), and mesenchymal-like adherent stromal cells (ASCs) targeting indications across cancer, infectious and degenerative diseases. Celularity believes that by harnessing the placentas unique biology and ready availability, it will be able to develop therapeutic solutions that address significant unmet global needs for effective, accessible, and affordable therapies.

In January 2021, Celularity entered into a definitive merger agreement with GX Acquisition Corp. to create a publicly listed leader in allogeneic cellular therapy. GX Acquisition Corp. is listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol GXGX. Upon closing of the business combination, expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2021, shares of the combined company will be listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol "CELU."

To learn more, visit http://www.celularity.com.

Celularity Investor Contacts:Carlos RamirezCelularity Inc.carlos.ramirez@celularity.com

Alexandra RoySolebury Troutaroy@troutgroup.com

Celularity Media ContactJason Braco, Ph.D.LifeSci Communications(646)-751-4361jbraco@lifescicomms.com

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