Abu Dhabi: UAE's Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Centre (ADSCC) is collaborating with Israeli regenerative medicine company, Pluristem, to advance COVID-19 therapies.

In a statement, ADSCC said it was working to administer Pluristem developed PLX cells via a nebuliser to COVID-19 patients. The collaboration will allow ADSCC to expand its stem cell therapy options with the novel PLX cells, while also enabling Pluristem to leverage the ADSCCs nebuliser administration experience to develop a new treatment delivery model for PLX cells.

ADSCC has reported effective usage of nebulisers to treat patients suffering from COVID-19 infection, with stem cells sourced from the patients own blood.

Further discussions are also ongoing to treat chronic Graft Versus Host Disease (cGvHD) a life-threatening immune response to the donors stem cells against the host (patient).

Both projects follow a recently-signed agreement between ADSCC and Pluristem to harness the power of regenerative medicine.

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Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Centre collaborating with Israeli firm for COVID-19 therapies - Gulf News

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